How to create the life you want in 1 year

Aeshan Fernando
2 min readDec 3, 2021


01. Do a life audit

Doing a good life audit is crucial for pinpointing where to make adjustments and jumpstart your new journey.

Start by figuring out where you stand in the 8 areas of life — health, finances, personal development, career, relationships, self-care, home life & free time.

What changes would make the biggest impact in your life for each area?

02. Make a mindset shift

Your mindset is what sets the tone for everything in your life. Changing your mindset is what will change your life. What we think and believe is what we act upon.

Change your perspective from now on and whenever something negative happens, instead of feeling like a victim, ask yourself what you can control or change.

03. Create a vision

Having a vision means we have a clear sense of purpose. A vision allows us to see the bigger picture in business, life and much more.

Visions are driven by passion and dreams, and they are reflected through real efforts to create real results.

04. Work on yourself daily

Once you have your vision, the fog lifts and your roadmap start to become clear again.

But, nobody is going to drive the car for you, you’ve got to put in the work to achieve your goals and change your own life.

Consistent, daily practice is how you make that happen. If you watered the plant just a little each day, over time your garden will grow.

05. Design your environment for success

If you want to change your life, you are not the only thing that needs to change, your environment must change too. For example, if you always hang around negative thinking friends, you’ll start believing the limitations they set on you is real.

However, if you surround yourself with people who have similar goals, inspire you and want you to succeed, there’s a much higher chance that you will.

06. Learn new skills and improve upon your existing ones

Nothing will change your life faster than building new skills. Whatever the case, imagine a year where you start out having a limited skill set.

Dedicate time during your day to learn new skills. Learn them via books, videos and podcasts. Don’t forget to physically practice your skills too.

07. Enjoy the process

The whole point of this exercise is to CHANGE. That means your thoughts and behaviors, in addition to your surroundings will change throughout the year.

You may realize that what you initially sought isn’t what you want anymore.

Don’t get so focused on the process that you lose sight of what YOU WANT. Remember to have fun and enjoy each day.