How to avoid a slow & painful death by taking the right dose of INFORMATION

Aeshan Fernando
2 min readMay 22, 2020


With every year that goes by, the total amount of knowledge that humanity accumulates only grows and grows. It is a human instinct, where in nature we are very much keen on learning new stuff and experiencing new things. That is why the learning curve of a human being is an Exponential curve, when one moves up from the bottom of the curve and moves upward when learning improves.

However, with the vast range of information available you might get misled, confused and end up grabbing the knowledge which does not take you to the end result that you have planned. So choosing the right information and getting the right knowledge is very important.

Let’s sit back and think about how you can make your learning curve more productive and effective!

Have a Plan

Decide how you are going to reach out for the right knowledge that suits you. List down the ways or methods of getting them. This should be the first and foremost action that you should take in the quest of opening the pandora’s box.

Keep up your Focus

Focus is very essential as it aligns all your attention, mind and sense to one place. This simply means taking control over yourself. Your focus can be in different places although you are physically in one place. A man with focus is a well organized individual where he concentrates only on things he wants to achieve.

Build a Passion

Passion is the fuel in the fire of action. When you have passion for something, you love it even when you hate it. So simply have a passion for the knowledge that you look for. This will be a motivational factor as well, when you search for the right knowledge.

Monitor the knowledge you gain

Always keep in track with the knowledge you gain. Monitor how productive the knowledge is. If you see any deviations, take actions and maintain the quality level of the knowledge. Along with monitoring it is vital to filter the data & information in order to avoid any brain freeze or the possibility of ending up spiralling in your own knowledge.

Always argue, question and cross analyse your knowledge just with the enthusiasm and passion that you put into analysing your friend’s certain life choices. Because what you learn and absorb as knowledge plays a main role in shaping you as a person. So try your best to make that more productive and effective.